My First Impressions of Databowl.

May 8, 2018


I could have written a blog entitled “Why You Should Choose Databowl” but that may have been a little too on the nose. Instead, I’d rather tell you my first impressions of the company (being a new employee) in the hope that inspires interest and trust. I also want to give you a little insight into the culture of Databowl in a broader sense. When you offer something this good it can be easy to forget the incredible people who make it possible and I suppose I want to begin addressing that.

To give you a little context I’m relatively new to the Technology world. I’ve previously worked in the Music, Fashion and TV industries, so in truth I had no idea what to expect when I first walked in. To be clear, I want to dispel the ‘geek stereotype’ that seems to still be prevalent in the Tech industry (and which probably formed my own naive expectations). If I’ve learnt one thing it is this… Tech experts are the new rockstars (or at least at Databowl!)

I could talk for hours about the cool location or the fact we’re turning the spare office into a bar (as though it’s a modern day Sterling Cooper), but instead I want to address a Post-it Note I saw stuck to a computer. It was a handwritten quote that simply said:

“Remember, we can do whatever the fuck we want!”

  • Databowl CEO, Simon Delaney

The fact someone saw this and decided to stick it to their laptop is ultimately the same reason I wanted to work here. I’ll try and explain why that is by looking at this quote and asking why it is we can do whatever we want.

Firstly, it is because Databowl are forging their own path. It is easier - and more limiting - to follow another’s path. This is not only a case of being able, but actually needing to do our own thing. For me that was incredibly exciting and full of possibilities. To charter into unknown territories has always been the pastime of visionaries and I always want to be the “first” to do something. If you run a B2C company and are reading this then no doubt you will be excited by this idea too…

Secondly, I believe ‘trust’ is the reason this was said. Every single employee I have spoken to exudes passion and enthusiasm for the work they are doing. Trust is behind this. Every single employee has a freedom to try new ideas and explore new possibilities. Trust is behind this. Every single employee can test the boundaries of what is possible and aim to innovate. Trust is behind this.

There are few things as fragile as an idea.

We need to give new ideas the room to breathe and grow, for only then can something NEW be found. An atmosphere of encouragement is absolutely necessary to give birth to inspiration. At Databowl the MO is built upon these values of trust and progressive thinking. We work with you in the same way we work with each other… applying these values in a bold and exciting and and supportive and encouraging and NEW way.

Like what you see?

You focus on the campaign creativity, and we do the rest. You won’t be disappointed.