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Lead Acquisition

Using the Databowl system to help you generate landing pages, surveys and website forms, you can attract consumer prospects from every kind of online medium. In addition, you can also plug in existing data sources.


Providing stringent fraud eradication, and enabling you to create your own rules, our software ensures that you can get your message to the real people who actually want to hear it.


Developing relationships with prospective and current customers throughout their journey, Databowl lets you nurture leads through email, SMS, retargeting and social media.


With all of your marketing efforts happening from one platform, we measure everything. Showing you real time figures of your data, cost and revenue, discover what makes your prospects tick.


Databowl’s secure data management software protects your inbound and outbound leads against unauthorised access.

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Frequently asked questions

Is Databowl a B2C lead management platform?

Yes. Although we have many requests from companies asking if we could provide software for their B2B data activity, we prefer to focus on B2C.

Is Databowl suitable for more than just brands?

Yes! With its versatility and widespread benefits, Databowl is suitable for brands, advertisers, agencies, networks and publishers.

Does Databowl supply leads?

We can offer a media buying service to Enterprise packages. Any company licensing Databowl (subject to a minimum contract length), benefits from access to ‘Databowl Connect’, where suppliers and buyers can meet, and you can work with lead generators, directly.

Are validations an extra cost on top of the license fee?

Yes. The license fee covers the cost of the software, so all validations are provided additionally - at cost price. This means that due to the huge volume of data driven through Databowl, all licensees benefit from some of the lowest validation costs available.

“Our performance has increased and our costs have decreased.”

“Bolstering our business and marketing efforts on a global scale.”

“Stringent marketing re-targeting and lead re-routing - Databowl fits the bill perfectly.”

“Databowl is a must for the sustainable growth of any Digital Marketing Agency.”

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