Lead Cleaning and Management Platform

Collect, Qualify, Verify
and Deliver Data in Real Time

Remove bad data, get more good data, and automate your data processing and lead management.

Boost profits by delivering high quality data in real time Integrate with other systems to automate data delivery and improve efficiency Get accurate insights into your best and most profitable data sources at a glance

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Clean your leads and improve your data quality

  • Verify, Validate and Qualify leads in real time
  • Reduce acquisition costs and increase conversion rates
  • Run suppression and duplication and remove out of criteria leads instantly

Automate Receiving and Delivering of Leads

  • Deliver leads to any endpoint in real time
  • Automate all lead managenent tasks (including reformatting and complex data flows)
  • Create APIs and sFTPs on the fly
  • Build ping trees to deliver leads to one of many clients
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Justify Your Activities With Smart Insights

  • Get all the information you need to make better, data-backed decisions in real time 
  • Automate feedback loops to empower suppliers
  • Easily identify your best data suppliers at a glance

Ensure Compliance With Our Inbuilt Stringent Process

  • Reduce risk with baked-in compliance and lead provenance recorded as standard
  • Comply with Internal Processes, Controls, and Industry Regulations while Maintaining Speed and Quality of Leads
  • Use Databowl to collect channel opt-in and terms for every single lead and automatically reject leads you can’t legitimately contact

Have Confidence All Data Is Secure

  • We protect your inbound and outbound data against unauthorized access with 2 factor authentication, military grade encryption, and full audit logs.
  • Every user of Databowl — including clients, suppliers, agencies, or other parties you invite — can be assigned specific roles by your company administrators so you have complete control over their access to the system and any personal data held.
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Ready to maximize your lead value?

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“Seeing huge results from the onset, Databowl is providing us with time-saving automation services and valuable lead validation outcomes, bolstering our business and marketing efforts on a global scale.”

Mortgage Advice Bureau

“Being able to communicate with our customers and prospects in a timely and efficient manner is a fundamental aspect of our engagement activity. MAB require advanced software to be able to carry out such complex and stringent marketing re-targeting and lead re-routing tasks – Databowl fits the bill perfectly.”

Scottish Power

“Due to the stringent validation and rules they apply to the prospect data we capture our performance has increased and our costs have decreased.”