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Frequently asked questions

  • Is Databowl a B2C lead management platform?

    Yes. Although we have many requests from companies asking if we could provide software for their B2B data activity, we prefer to focus on B2C.

  • Is Databowl suitable for more than just brands?

    Yes! With its versatility and widespread benefits, Databowl is suitable for brands, advertisers, agencies, networks and publishers.

  • Does Databowl supply leads?

    We can offer a media buying service to Enterprise packages. Any company licensing Databowl (subject to a minimum contract length), benefits from access to ‘Databowl Connect’, where suppliers and buyers can meet, and you can work with lead generators, directly.

  • Are validations an extra cost on top of the license fee?

    Yes. The license fee covers the cost of the software, so all validations are provided additionally - at cost price. This means that due to the huge volume of data driven through Databowl, all licensees benefit from some of the lowest validation costs available.

  • Will Databowl turn me in to a Marketing Rockstar?

    Without a doubt – YES!

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