Success Stories

Our clients are our best advocates, so there's no better way to share our success than through their success.


HelloFresh use Databowl to perform incredible lead generation and grow their business as they've disrupted the way people shop.
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CJ’s partnership with Databowl allows them to ensure the leads they generate for their clients are simply the best of the very best.
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Safestyle partnered with Databowl to verify high intent leads and ensure they are speaking to real people who can be real customers.
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Mortgage Advice Bureau

A key part of their process, Databowl allows MAB to manage and distribute leads efficiently, making the complex it simple and successful.
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Solved Digital

Solved Digital have used Databowl to build an incredibly successful lead generation agency and many established lead gen brands in just 18 months.
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ABY Group

Databowl is the platform of choice for the highly successful digital marketing company ABY Group. The team have scaled new heights by using Databowl to build and run all of their landing pages and manage their leads across multiple global territories.
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Modstroem are a large Danish energy company who spend huge amounts on leads every single month and rely on Databowl to manage their leads and make huge savings.
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Positive Response Media

Positive Response Media use Databowl as their lead management system. It simplifies the process of buying and selling leads and enables them to offer their clients the highest quality data.
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Dataphoria use Databowl to give them a competitive edge when it comes to delivering their clients the best leads possible.
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EMBR Group

A well-established Australian digital marketing agency,EMBR have relied on Databowl’s cutting-edge platform to optimise their lead generation processes for the past six years.
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