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We do the all the hard work to deliver only good leads

With Databowl integrated into your system, you validate, verify and route all your good leads to the right workflow, project or team in your CRM.

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How does it work with my CRM?

Whether it's live leads via API, lead updates via webhooks, batch leads via FTP, you're in control of how you deliver your leads.

Live Leads Via API

Receive, process and route your leads to your system with our forwarding API tools and control where you want them to go.

Get Updates and Outcomes

Receive lead updates and lead outcomes back into Databowl and program further forwarding into the rest of your system.

Deliver Leads in Batches when it suits

Program a batch transfer of leads at set times each day via FTP… queued up ready for your teams to start selling.

Real Time updates Via Webhooks

Synced lead updates back to your system or your suppliers systems via our webhook service.

What will Databowl add to our system?

An easy API for all your suppliers

A fully documented single point of submit for all your leads to be submitted to

World-class Validation & Verification

Stop your bad leads with our validation, check for real phone numbers, addresses, create custom rule groups and much much more.

Data is normalisation

World class validation, lead nurturing, data normalisation, landing page hosting, lead processing and distributions are all available to suppliment your system

Lead Generation and Nurturing

Suppliment your system with our lead nurturing, landing page hosting and much more.

Supplier Walled Gardens

Let you suppliers log in to our system and control what they see including updates and outcomes on the leads they supply.

Add our experts to your team

Instantly level up your team with our designers, developers and technical managers with our enterprise support packages.

How does Databowl Integrate with my CRM?

Your CRM will have an API we can push leads to when they have been validated.

Add world class validation

Stop your bad leads with our validation, check for real phone numbers, addresses, create custom rule groups and much much more.

Seamlessly Integrate

Get your good leads delivered in real time with our API forwarding and get lead updates synced back to the system via our webhook service.

Route your leads right

With our lead routing system, you're in complete control of specifying which leads should go where through the use of rule groups, ping tree systems and more.

Give feedback to Lead Suppliers

Your lead suppliers can log in to a walled garden and see live feedback on their lead outcomes, giving true transparency on the leads you buy.


  • How does it work?

    Your CRM should have API documentation, if this is a common CRM we likely have a doc to make this easier, and it's just a matter of filling out a form. If it's something bespoke we can work with you on the initial setup.

  • Can I view your tech docs?

    Our technical Documents are for users only, if you are a user, you can view them here. And if you aren't signed up yet, you can always book a demo

  • Am I tied into a contract?

    For Databowl… Nope! If you sign up for a monthly contract with Databowl it means you can leave any time, you just won't benefit from our annual discount if you choose to do it that way. But whatever suits you…

    For Everflow… You'll need to speak to them about what service levels are available to you.

  • Is this self service or can you do it for me?

    If you want us to, we can help take care of anything you need, but it's simple enough that you can do everything yourself.

Our solutions will help you remove bad leads and buy more that become sales

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Automate, streamline and maximise performance. Get control and 100% confidence when buying leads.

  • Lead Verification and Validation
  • Data Orchestration and Lead Distribution
  • Automated Lead Processing
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Distribute to APIs, CRMs. Diallers or FTPs
  • World class onboarding and support

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Make Lead Generation your competitive edge. Use all the tools to generate, identify and connect with the best leads.

  • Host Landing Pages
  • Front End Validation
  • Integrated Affiliate Event Tracking
  • Server to Server Postbacks System
  • Lead Distribution and Routing
  • World class onboarding and support

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A service for those who demand more, Add SLA’s, additional support, a creative team, full management and more.

  • Everything in Management
  • Everything in Generation
  • Bespoke terms and Conditions
  • Dedicated Success Manager
  • Dedicated Creative Team
  • Priority Level Customer Support

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Don't just take our word for it!


“Seeing huge results from the onset, time-saving automation services and valuable lead validation outcomes, bolstering our business and marketing efforts on a global scale.”

Mortgage Advice Bureau

We require advanced software to be able to carry out complex and stringent marketing re-targeting and lead re-routing tasks and Databowl fits the bill perfectly.”

CJ Affiliate

“Databowl has transformed our lead generation massively. We now have absolute confidence that the leads we are generating are going to drive incredible sales for the world’s biggest brands.”

Secret Escapes

“Databowl has immediately become a key partner in our lead acquisition process thanks to an easy-to-use platform and the accuracy of their analysis.”

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