Databowl powers real-time connections between consumers, advertisers and online ad publishers. Measuring your entire marketing process from initial interest through to end result, we help you grow your business.


Built in the UK for use by organisations all over the world, you can use the software as a central point to bring your leads to life. Databowl operates as a standalone data management platform, or easily integrates with your existing system.

Feed data into the system via APIs
From single or multiple existing sources.
Capture new leads
Create your own landing pages, websites and forms.
Reformat and amend your data output
Coping with any range of requirements, this allows you to distribute data via API, or by creating bespoke export schedules, or FTP uploads.
Automatically reprocess data
Getting rid of the need for manual spreadsheet leg-work.
Create ‘ping tree’ campaigns and simultaneously forward to a variety of APIs
Enabling integration with multiple endpoints, and maximising return on your leads.


Data you collect from sources - such as online forms, telephone calls and social media interactions - are all fed into Databowl for real-time validation and cleansing. Using intelligent technology to remove invalid or fraudulent entries, the software delivers accurate, high-quality leads to their destination for immediate use.

Rejects fraudulent ‘actual’ data
This includes email/postal addresses and telephone numbers.
Tracks and validates data on ‘events’
Such as clicks, impressions, opens and pixels firing.
Applies bespoke rule sets to your campaigns
Which provides you with the flexibility to create your own verification and validate your leads as stringently as you like!
Standardise inbound and outbound feeds
Meaning the data you collect from different sources will be delivered in one standard format – cutting unnecessary administration costs and making your data easier to manage.


Databowl provides you with the tools to develop lasting relationships with your leads, ultimately facilitating conversions and brand advocacy.

Send out email and SMS communications
This way you can more effectively schedule action-based lead nurturing programmes.
Set persona driven categories
Get the right message to the right people.
Store all your creative copy and assets
Maintain a supply of marketing material to distribute to new and existing leads.
Split test everything you create
To discover the best ways to reach out to your audience.
Drop retargeting functions into your landing pages (such as Google Tag Manager and Facebook API)
This gives you an unprecedented opportunity to reach out to your prospects.


Watch what’s happening to your data in real-time, and discover hidden insights about the leads you’re collecting and the sources they’re coming from. Working out all revenue and costs, our users see an average 25% improvement on the results they get from their data.

Measure events
Such as clicks, impressions, conversions, logins and pixels firing.
Quality reports
Your different data sources can be scored based on the quality of leads they generate, and if you’re acquiring data from a third party, you can even send these quality reports back to the provider.
Adjust settings in real-time
Allowing evidence-based decision-making.
Apply different qualification and capping filters
Both by industry and/or by client.


Databowl’s secure data management software protects your inbound and outbound leads against unauthorised access.

100% encrypted transfer methods
Ensures your data remains completely secure and confidential in-transit.
Two-factor sign-in authentication
Allows you to prevent unauthorised access to records by sending a randomly-generated code to the authorised user’s mobile phone and email prior to login.
Audit logs
Give full transparency to authorised client personnel, showing all activity on their Databowl account by device, name, location, ISP and domain.

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