Our Partner Integrations

Databowl 🤝 Contact State
Increase Transparency and Trust

Contact State is a technology platform specifically designed to build trust in two-sided markets like lead generation and affiliate marketing. The Databowl integration allows you to verify your leads, letting you sell leads to organisations with complex compliance requirements.

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How does the Contact State Integration Work?

Did you know… if you're signed up to Databowl, you can read more on our support area.

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An Extra Layer of Transparency

Contact State Certify allows Data Sellers to generate Certificates that serve as a record of provenance for consumer data, and then pass these certificates onto Data Buyers. This provides a trusted reference point for Data Buyers and Data Sellers.

Easy to use Code

We've developed simple code to copy and paste right into your Landing Page to validate your leads within Databowl and add verification through Contact State.

Generate Your Claim URls

Our easy to use code adds connects to Contact State to get your Claim URL after it's been validated on your Databowl Landing Page.

Claim Your Leads

Our custom APIs allow your lead to be claimed once it's been through backend validation and updates the lead with your Certificate.

Attach Your Certificates

We ensure that when your lead data is forwarded, it is always attached with your Contact State lead Certificate for total transparency.

Forward on...

Once you have your certificate, your lead can be automatically programmed to forward on to the next destination with your certificate attached.

Works With...

Whether your forwarding on to another Databowl campaign, a dialler, a CRM or more, we've got you covered.

Let us set it up

Databowl's marketing operations team can also be commissioned to set everything up for you, from building the LP to testing your Contact State flow, we've got you covered.


  • How does it work?

    You'll need a Contact State account and a Databowl instance… after that we're here to guide you and share the documents you'll need.

  • Can I view your tech docs?

    Our technical Documents are for users only, if you are a user, you can view them here. And if you aren't signed up yet, you can always book a demo

  • Am I tied into a contract?

    For Databowl… Nope! If you sign up for a monthly contract with Databowl it means you can leave any time, you just won't benefit from our annual discount if you choose to do it that way. But whatever suits you…

    For Contact State… You'll need to speak to them about what service levels are available to you.

  • Is this self service or can you do it for me?

    If you want us to, we can help take care of anything you need, but it's simple enough that you can do everything yourself.