Our Partner Integrations

Databowl 🤝 Everflow
Track every performance channel with sales data

With Everflow integrated into Databowl you can track every performance channel, and update with sales information integrated in your tech stack.

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How does Everflow Integration Work?

Did you know… if you're signed up to Databowl, you can read more on our support area.

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Seamlessly integrate

With our custom integration you will be seamlessly integrated delivering updates via our webhook system and have all your lead conversions synced with Everflow.

Direct Linking - Track All Channels

Track and provide attribution for every partner and channel. Start tracking users when they reach your website using a simplified method similar to the UTM tracking method used by Google Analytics.

Get everflow updated with sales

With our lead update and sales api you can open up communication between call centres and everflow with ease to ensure all data is up to date.

Track real rejections

Add client lead updates, rejections and backend validation processing into your flow with Databowl integrated with everflow.


  • How does it work?

    You'll need an Everflow account and a Databowl instance… after that we're here to guide you and share the documents you'll need.

  • How can I make everflow work better with call centres

    You can use Databowl's APIs for lead updates and sales to update your leads from your diallers and with our webhooks you can then relay these changes back to everflow with ease.

  • Can I view your tech docs?

    Our technical Documents are for users only, if you are a user, you can view them here. And if you aren't signed up yet, you can always book a demo

  • Am I tied into a contract?

    For Databowl… Nope! If you sign up for a monthly contract with Databowl it means you can leave any time, you just won't benefit from our annual discount if you choose to do it that way. But whatever suits you…

    For Everflow… You'll need to speak to them about what service levels are available to you.

  • Is this self service or can you do it for me?

    If you want us to, we can help take care of anything you need, but it's simple enough that you can do everything yourself.