Sheffield Hackathon Autumn 2016

Nov 9, 2016


We shrugged off the chills of autumn this year by sponsoring yet another friction-fueled hackathon. Nearly 200 people packed themselves into the University of Sheffield for an exciting showdown of data, innovation and pure nerve.


Co-sponsored by Amazon Alexa’s speech recognition technology, some of the early ideas ranged from self-generating playlists based on mood, to voice-activated calculators for developers. I can tell you now that it got very intense, very quickly!

In the end though, only a small handful of finalists made the cut.

Hackathon Finalists

The pitch-off started on Sunday afternoon, and compared to the last hackathon we sponsored, the atmosphere felt even tenser.

Notable submissions included:

Escape the llama and get a carrot!


The degree-finding robot, powered by Amazon Alexa!


The judges had a tough call to make. In the end though, we concluded that the “Best Use of Data” award should go to a team called Sentwee.

Sentwee developed a real-time sentiment analysis platform. The concept was to monitor live Twitter interactions to do with certain topics or organisations. This data could then be used to make well-timed strategic decisions based on the results found, to add a whole new level of customer understanding on a wider scale.



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