Three reasons agencies need incredible lead generation software

Nov 30, 2016


It isn’t getting any easier and you probably thought it would.

As you became a highly experienced, expert professional delivering a far more capable service to your clients, the pressure and demand on agencies has never been higher.

2016 has been a tough year for agencies. Talent is being ripped away by the frenemies of Google and Facebook; clients are working directly with publishers; the market is rapidly changing, and there is a massive emphasis on costs.

Don’t worry though. In this post we will outline “battle-tested” strategies that are being successfully used right now in the front line. These strategies will help you ‘do’ lead generation better, faster, and in a way that can easily adapt to this changing environment.

Here are the three things this article will help you achieve:

  1. Reduce costs and wastage
  2. Generate higher ROI
  3. Acquire insights for brand growth

Reduce costs and wastage

Costs have more relevance than ever in today’s world of agencies. One of the main reasons for this is advertising fraud. If you have attended any conference in the past year you will hear the phrase ‘I hate fraud’ more times you can count. Stories are popping up all “over the place about advertising fraud”, and it’s really putting costs under pressure.

An effective lead management platform can help you cut back on costs. Significantly.

  1. It helps you to reject fraudulent or invalid leads before you pay for them. This can save you 25-30% of bad traffic.
  2. It saves you massive amounts of time that are normally spent running reports and manually manipulating data.
  3. The best lead management platforms will let you tie back the events that happen to create a prospect to the actual data
  4. TRANSPARENCY – Not only to your publishers/suppliers/vendors to eliminate the time spent on dispute resolutions, but for clients and the tracking of their spend

Generate higher ROI

Most people know that as a campaign scales, the ROI falls. When you try to broaden your targeting range, it is only natural for conversion quality to fall because of the sheer volume you are dealing with.

So how do you overcome this? Well, Facebook has implemented its successful “lookalikepixel”, which works based on the characteristics of successful conversions in order to optimise future media spend. You too can achieve similar results with a smart lead management platform.

By using your results (including offline sales data) to post back into your system, you can optimise front end lead buying in real-time. In a world that is getting harder to predict “In a world that is getting harder to predict” having the raw data work for you effortlessly is something advertisers love.

Acquire insights for brand growth

Third and finally, insight. Insight is critical for brand growth. The importance of a brand for companies in the 21st century cannot be overstated. It correlates relentlessly with your company’s overall share price. For example, BrandZ has proved this connection: if you’d invested $100 in the stock market (the MSCI world index) in 2006, your return in 2015 would be $30. However, if you’d picked your portfolio from the BrandZ Top 100, the return would be $103 – three times greater.

There’s lots of talk about technology and data these days. There are masses of presentations (run by slick looking guys in suits) which tell people to “feel” the data, and even “be” the data. You know, like it’s magic or something.

That couldn’t be further from the truth.

Data science is exactly that: ‘science’. And in the words of one of the foremost scientists in the world, the idea is to “make things as simple as possible, but not simpler.”

When you have a system that is as powerful yet as simple to use as Databowl, then you can manage and optimise the following with ease:

  • Capture social media, video marketing, ad words, content marketing, co-registration, direct mail, face-to-face and on-site traffic. This lets you to bring in unlimited channels of promotion into one centralised location to compare for your advertisers.
  • Validate your leads in real-time, so there is no delaying or slowing down in your traffic. Once set up, Databowl will check 100’s of different sources to make sure that your campaigns are not susceptible to lead fraud, and that you are not receiving anything that will never convert (but will still bring down your metrics)
  • Nurture campaigns, with personalised follow up (across all channels), allowing you to “own” the moment. This way you can continue to build your brand and delight your audiences along the way.
  • Convert your leads via distribution (whether you’re sending prospects to a web page, contact centre or offline sign up).
  • Insightful reporting. The magic usually starts to happen after 1,000 conversions. Once the data is in, you can start to optimise using the help of Dataabowl to maximise your ROI.

This makes Databowl a tremendous and proven platform for agencies that want to increase the performance of their clients.

If we could:

  1. Increase the value of your services to your clients by improving their lead generation to put greater billings in your pocket

  2. Help you attract other accounts because of the tremendous increase to your reputation in the industry as a result,

  3. Reduce the amount of technical headaches and wasting of your time trying to figure out gut-wrenching software while replacing it with something that just works, and:

  4. Allow you to get at least a year ahead of your competition with your lead generation by employing machine learning and self-optimizing algorithms.

In 2017 software this advanced will be vital for having control over your performance marketing channels. We are currently scheduling demonstrations of this software and what it is doing for the worlds leading companies. To secure your spot “just click the following link” or the image at the bottom of this page to get your spot.


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