Most impactful posts in advertising of 2016

Dec 23, 2016


This year has shared characteristics that are very much similar to the performance marketing industry. Wild, unexpected and competitive. But the year has also brought many break throughs in fraud, targeting and ability to scale campaigns through automation.

To guide us through, it has been important more than ever to cut through the irrelevant and fake news, and to focus on what really will set you apart from the competition. We thought we would wind down the year with some of our personal favourite posts that apply to performance marketing from the past year, so that you can gain value in your business for 2017.


How contactless cards will change the world (much more than you think)

First up is a favourite one about making things easier, by acclaimed behavioural economics expert Rory Sutherland. This year has seen how making things easier, more seamless and leveraging technology in a way to only focus on the benefit a technology is giving you, the more a consumer will use and engage with it.


A fourth horse changes the race; Snapchat revamps its platform for the future

New technology can drive the growth of simple more creative ways to generate leads. In lead generation the process of getting a lead to sign up isn’t actually the hard part. The hard part is getting a prospect intellectually and emotionally embedded in a future benefit that your product will bring them. This article straight from the WPP reading room brings you just that - New layouts and marketing opportunities through the vehicle of snapchat.


Why right now is the best time ever in lead generation

Ok, we couldn’t help but sneak one of our own in here. It’s on why right now is the best time in lead generation, and what the future will bring in this space. With a breakdown on all the key elements that are making lead generation work so well for advertisers right now, you don’t want to skip over the lessons included here.


Thinking Long-Term and Taking Risks

Just this year we saw a huge shift into video and short form content combined with the rise of original programming from the likes of Netflix, live streaming, and further mobile domination across the ecosphere. This proves one thing…everything is changing fast. If you have ever read the book Mindset by Carol Dweck you would understand the extent to which mindsets have an effect on the long term success of anything that you are doing. This post by one of the most prominent thinkers in communications and marketing details the right mindset to have in this age.


Interview with Robert Gryn - Founder of Codewise

Codwise is made up of Voluum (TRK & DSP) and Zero Park a traffic network which has made incredible strides in the AdTech industry over the past three years. In an in depth interview Robert Gryn outlines the journey of the past few years and his current mindset.

That wraps our posts for 2016 – We’ll be back in the New Year with more…

Have a great Xmas break, and Happy New Year!


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