Lead Management Automation Will Skyrocket Performance

Feb 18, 2020

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When it comes to automating your lead management the largest benefit is, in many ways, the liberation of Time. Make no mistake, lead generation and performance marketing is a tough industry and an industry where empirical results are the measure of success. As such, any marginal gains that we - as performance marketers and lead generators can make - may well be the making or breaking of us.

More than anything, the key to improving performance can be something as simple as the extra hours in a day afforded to you by automating your lead management software and process. To put it simply, the following idea can ultimately transform your results:

  • Spend your time on clients.

  • Spend your time on generating traffic.

  • Spend your time on the big stuff… and automate everything else!

In this article we will briefly touch upon the specific aspects of your lead management software you can automate and highlight the benefits of doing this. We will then simply ask, what will you do with your new found free time?

You must automate your lead management at every step.

It is incredible that many lead generators still spend any time at all manually processing their lead generation and lead management. If you are generating hundreds of leads a day then without doubt you need to be using lead management software to deal with this. There are many benefits to using lead management software, but when it comes to the subject of automation the two main benefits are: SPEED and SECURITY.

Real time automation will allow you to work more quickly, more efficiently and more securely. It will keep your data safe and it will allow you to spend your valuable time on other endeavours better positioned to boost your results. Here are just a few areas within your lead management that you can improve through real time automation:

Importing / Exporting Data

Data is the foundation on which lead generation and performance marketing is built. When it comes to generating leads or transferring data, a lead management system is your most valuable and essential asset. Whatever your process, you can set up campaigns with real time automation to eradicate the time consuming and less secure method of transferring data without such software.


When it comes to making your lead generation better, one of the easiest things you can do is generate better leads. With the correct lead management automation you can validate any incoming leads in real time, again eradicating hours of manual work from your process and skyrocketing your performance in real time.


In addition to generating the best leads possible, you also need to be sure you nurture certain leads correctly as part of a longer term strategy. This can again be a very time consuming process without the help pf automation. With automated SMS / Email auto-responders set up, you can free up hours of your time to focus on other endeavours, safe in the knowledge your leads with be well-nurtured with personalised automation at every step until conversion.

Machine Learning and Lead Scoring

With more and more marketers adopting machine learning technology than ever, but with very few able to invest the time and resources into developing this aspect of their marketing, the automation of Machine Learning in conjunction with lead management software represents a simple and time-smart solution. Check out this recent article on Lead Scoring to learn more about how you can very simply incorporate machine learning martech into your process, and, best of all, automate it when you do!

You must automate your lead distribution to boost results.

We recently posted an article entitled Improve Your Performance Marketing By Improving Your Lead Distribution.

As above, the key benefits in terms of automating your lead distribution centre upon the idea of improving SPEED and SECURITY.

You can read a more in-depth break down of the benefits in the link out, but to just focus on SPEED of lead distribution software in relation to Automation, by automating your lead distribution to get your leads out in real time you are able to skyrocket your conversion rates by NINE TIMES. This figure is calculated by stats looking at conversion rates based on speed of time between a lead being generated and conversion rates: in short, if you don’t use automation as part of your lead distribution software, your results are likely to suffer.

What else can you automate?

When it comes to lead management software, the answer is quite simply, a lot.

The truth is, if you are finding yourself doing repetitive, time-consuming tasks, you need to ask why you haven’t already automated these tasks. This will both improve your results as they stand, and also give you more time to optimise your output in new areas. The question is not just how much time automation can save you, but what you can begin to do with that time.

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