How To Use Lead Management To Increase Sales

Apr 16, 2020

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Now, more than ever, companies are having to find new ways to increase their conversion rates and get more sales. Whether you are a company looking to make more sales directly, or you are lead generator aiming to sell on leads that are likely to convert, effective lead management may well be your most powerful tool for boosting the ultimate metrics in this crucial time… more sales and more revenue.

In this article we will look at a few key ways in which an effective lead management system can be used to reduce wastage, increase ROI and ultimately get you more sales.

Eradicate Unnecessary Costs

We estimate, without a lead management system, approximately 35% of all leads generated can be counted as either invalid, duplicates or unlikely to ever convert due to campaigns not using bespoke rules at the point of generation. With a lead management system you are able to almost instantly eradicate these costs, and what is more, eradicate any follow on costs superfluously pursuing these leads without knowing they won’t ever be converted.

In this time where the impact of every single sale - or lack thereof - is massively amplified, then a simple option to eradicate these costs and conversely boost your ROI is an absolute necessity.

Simply put: use a lead management system to reduce wastage and increase your sales rates.

Utilise Your Time

Time is money. Spend both well. Waste neither.

In a world where marginal gains can ultimately be the difference between success and failure, you must ensure you are utilising your time.

Forget spreadsheets and manually processing leads; simply use a lead management system to centralise your lead management and begin focusing on what really matters in this time, driving traffic and getting sales.

We estimate, based on existing client data, that using a lead management system can save lead generators and businesses upwards of 10 hours a week.

During this crucial time, how could you better utilise those hours?

Optimise Your Lead Distribution

When it comes to increasing your Sales then speed is key. The evidence supporting the idea - as soon as you can contact a lead the more likely the chance of conversion - is absolutely overwhelming. Whether you are looking to increase sales rates in-house or whether you are looking to deliver leads with the highest chance of conversion and increase your value as a lead generator, a lead management system is absolutely essential to optimising your distribution and sales rates.

With a lead management system you are able to distribute leads in real time and get the leads to their destination with the greatest likelihood of converting. You are also able to ensure you’re always generating the highest CPL for every lead by creating Ping Trees and delivering to the highest bidder.

In short: optimise your lead distribution with a lead management system and increase sales, increase ROI and increase your revenue.

Identify And Remove Campaign Weak Points

Using a variety of softwares - or even worse, spread sheets - makes it incredibly difficult to accurately measure campaign performance. The process is not only time- consuming and inaccurate, but it means that you run poor performing creatives, ads, landing pages and campaigns for too long. This could be the difference between increasing your sales rates and your ROI.

An all in one lead management system where you can monitor everything in real time - at every step of the pipeline - from Ad and Landing Page performance right the way through to ultimate conversion rates, will very simply allow you to focus in on what is working and what is not. This gives you the knowledge and accurate insights required to adjust your campaigns instantly and boost Sales Rates and revenue based on information and not guess work.

Ensure Your Nurturing is On Point

Generating a good lead is only half of the battle. In short, a good lead is worth nothing unless it is correctly nurtured to the point of conversion.

How and when you follow you follow up on a lead is the difference between a sale and no sale. Using a lead management system allows you to do a lot of this work in advance; you can set up nurturing funnels using autoresponder Emails / SMS, distribute the leads in real time and even use lead scoring to identify the leads most likely to become Sales and ensure you focus more on them.

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In short, if you are looking to increase revenue through a higher sales rate, you need to ensure you are able to manage your leads in a way that reduces unnecessary costs, boosts your ROI and enables you to maximise your conversions.

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