5 Simple Ways To Improve Your Landing Page Today

Apr 23, 2021


In the latest instalment of the B2C Lead Generation Podcast we invited Oliver Kenyon from the Landing Page Guys to join us and help us look at what it takes to build the perfect landing page. We usually pull out and expand upon some key ideas from these conversations, but at the end of the call we asked Oliver to give people listening some simple, actionable tips they can use to improve their landing pages.

His answer was so good - and helpful - that we’re now going to put the entire answer to that question in this article. Be sure to listen to the entire podcast for even more landing page and lead gen gold.

Oliver, can you just give us some simple, actionable tips that any one can use to go and improve their landing page straight away?

Oliver Kenyon: Absolutely!

1 - Check (and optimise) your Load Speed

Load Speed is crucial. The quicker you can get your page loading, the more it will convert.

If you want to check the load speed of your landing page there’s a free tool at tools.pingdom.com. GTmetrix exists, Google Insights exists, but Pingdom is probably the most accurate and you can also set your location to where the most traffic comes from.

You input your URL, run the test, and it will spit out how quickly the page is loading.

For Lead Gen you want something really quick. Anything below 2 or 3 seconds is good. Anything above is too slow.

A very easy fix for this is compressing the images and videos on the landing page. Download them, compress them, re-upload them. It basically strips out all the stuff you don’t need, gives you a lighter file. Re-upload to your website and the page will load quicker.

But you can also take that report - from Pingdom - to a developer and get them to have a look at it and find ways to optimise your load speed.

That’s going to really increase your conversion rates.

Also, if you’re using a third party landing page as in an affiliate network’s or an offer owner’s then have a conversation with them and see if you can build your own because if you don’t then you have no control over that page. Using host and post or integrating into Databowl is a great solution to this.

2 - Ensure you have the right page for the right offer

You need to make sure you have the right page for the right offer. Anything that requires more than just NAME / EMAIL / PHONE, such as personal details like DO YOU SMOKE? DO YOU HAVE A HISTORY OF THIS? If in refinance, HOW MUCH MONEY DO YOU NEED TO BORROW?

For anything that’s more than a couple of questions I would strongly advise using a multi-step form. This just means splitting the form into a couple of steps as part of the process. So - YES or NO - onto the next step - MALE or Female - onto the next step - D.O.B - onto the next step etc.

It’s all about just getting someone to interact that first time and then they’ll go through that process.

If you do use multi-step be very clear with where that consumer is in the journey.

One of the biggest mistakes we see is people using multi-step without showing the steps along the top (Step 4/8 etc).

What happens if people don’t see this is and keep clicking next without knowing where the end is, they’ll likely drop off.

Always begin with easiest questions first. Something that is just simple to get them into the flow of answering questions.

3 - Have essential elements Above The Fold

You’ve got between 2 and 3 seconds to get your above the fold or your value proposition across. If they don’t know exactly what you do within 2 to 3 seconds they’re going to leave your page. So having essential elements above the fold is really important.

What are those essential elements?

  • A very clear, benefit-driven headline
  • A strong supporting headline
  • Use hard-hitting bullet points (and never use big paragraphs of text)
  • A strong testimonial (both written and ideally a Star rating)
  • Anything to instil trust such as Anti-Virus Logos or clear Privacy statements
  • Logos of big brands you already work with

4 - Use Benefit-driven copy

Always go for benefits to the consumer before features. Everybody naturally wants to talk about features, but really, your consumer doesn’t give a shit about your features.

What they really care about is the benefit of using your product of service.

What is this ultimately going to do for then? What is the end goal?

When it comes to copy, especially in the headline and sub-headline, it has to be benefit driven.

It’s very cliche and cheesy, but features tell - benefits sell.

5 - Use Emojis On Your Buttons 👉

Emojis on buttons work! It’s sad to say but they do because people do relate to them!

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