5 Ways To Boost Your Thank You Pages

Dec 6, 2021

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Thank you pages are massively underutilized, as such there is a huge opportunity to get more from them. In this article we give you 5 ideas to boost your thank you pages and put them to better use.

But before we begin, it is worth noting the following: This all comes back to the metrics you are using to measure success. If you’re measuring leads then a thank you page may be viewed as the end of a journey, but if you’re measuring sales then a thank you page is just the beginning… and whether you’re a lead generator or a lead buyer, you MUST be ultimately measuring and working towards sales. For more on why this is the case, check out our article on Vanity Metrics Vs. Impact Metrics.

This article is adapted from an episode of the B2C Lead Gen Podcast. You can find links to listen or watch the full episode at the bottom of the page.

1 - Tell your prospect exactly what is going to happen next

The first thing to do is always tell your prospect exactly what is going to happen next. A Thank you page is a perfect place to remove friction in the buyer’s journey. Make sure you leave no surprises, don’t make them guess, don’t let them expect an email when actually they’ll be getting a phone call.

It is best to really spell out exactly what will be happening. For example.

  • In the next 15 minutes you will be receiving a phone call from Agent Name on Phone Number.
  • We will be calling to discuss X (the reason they have submitted) and how long the call will take.
  • If we can help save you money we will then do Y.

Keep it clean, direct, and accurate. This will simply mean the prospect then knows what to expect, will be ready, and it will increase the chance of conversion.

2 - Give them an option to book an appointment

Let’s say you have a multi-stage form with five steps and a lead has come through that and answered all your questions. They hit submit and that lead is generated. Why not then consider giving them the opportunity to book an appointment?

Normally, if it was going into a call centre, there would be an API feeding the lead directly into a dialler, it goes straight in, and ten seconds later an agent is calling. This can work very well. But it is worth testing the placement of a calendar on the thank you page will allows the prospect to book the specific time THEY want to be called.

This simply increases the likelihood of conversion and simultaneously acts as a barometer of purchasing intent.

3 - Use videos to further engage/qualify

Thank you pages are great place to present additional videos in order to further engage or qualify prospects. At the point they submit the lead you would hope they are already fully aware of, and entirely understand, your offer. However, a short video serves two purposes.

  • It begins the nurturing process and helps further engage leads in advance, increasing chance of conversion.
  • It filters out any prospects who may not actually be viable and adds a further level of qualification.

The idea would simply be to engage the user at that point to make the more excited about the product and solidify exactly what they had in their mind when they submitted. In truth very few people do this, but whenever it’s done well it has a real impact and effect. It is certainly worth testing.

4 - Use the opportunity for referrals

Thank you pages are a great place to request referrals from prospects, and there is a simple reason why.

Let’s say the conversion rate of leads on a page is 15% (that is leads becoming sales). Automatically, for 85% of leads that don’t convert, the thank you page is the point they are the most engaged in your product they will ever be.

When you think of it like this, placing a referral scheme on a thank you page is a very sensible way to get more value from your leads. A simple referral scheme that allows prospects who have already filled in their details and became a lead to share the offer with friends / family who may also be interested, is a great idea to implement and test as it comes at no extra cost. It may also increase the chance of additional sales and compensate for those leads - the 85% - that were never closed.

5 - Upsell / Cross-sell other products

Another idea, that you don’t see used very often, is offering additional sales / products on the thank you page. This is massively underutilized because it is the perfect place to upsell / cross-sell.

The best way to do this is to offer products that are complimentary to the initial product / offer a lead submitted for. A great example could be something like offering Electric Charging Point Installation to anyone who has just submitted as a lead for a Test Drive of an Electric Car.

But it could also be spread out further. For example, if someone submitted regarding Energy Supply, they may also be at the point - or interested in - other utilities. Think of it this way, there is no harm in using the thank you page to ask!

Indeed, with all of the above suggestions, no additional cost is required but the potential increase in leads / sales / conversion rates in very tangible, thus therein lies a huge opportunity.

To check out a deep explanation of each of these ideas check out the full podcast on Spotify, Apple, or watch over on Databowl’s YouTube Channel.

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