Progressive Profiling: A Real Secret Sauce?

Dec 13, 2021

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Everyone is dreaming of a secret sauce…. trouble is, there isn’t one! But there is Progressive Profiling and no one really does it that much… and it’s pretty damn saucy. We explain what it is and how you can use it to get a HUGE competitive advantage.

This article was adapted from the latest episode of the B2C Lead Generation Podcast. Check out links for the fully monty at the bottom of the page.

What is Progressive Profiling?

Progressive Profiling is typically used more within B2B Marketing but can certainly - and should certainly - be adopted by B2C Marketers too.

Simply put, Progressive Profiling is an aspect of Lead Nurturing in which marketers ask further questions of the leads that didn’t immediately convert to help them understand their prospects better, segment their databases, and begin personalised communication based on a deeper understanding of their leads.

The ultimate aim of Progressive Profiling is to build up a better and deeper picture of their leads, react accordingly with bespoke content and communication methods, and move them further along the function towards the point of sales.

The biggest opportunity comes with the fact Progressive Profiling can be used to aggressively tap into the leads generated and bought that did not immediately convert and are typically wasted without such an appropriate nurturing function. The great opportunity lies in the fact B2C Lead Buyers and Marketers oftentimes miss this potential despite it coming with no additional cost.

So, what should you ask when Progressive Profiling?

To run effective Progressive Profiling it is best to focus on the pain points a prospect may have and ask questions that allow you to understand exactly what these pain points us.

It is worth noting there is a key difference between a pain point and a problem. A prospect may not be aware they have a problem, but they are always aware of pain. As such you need to understand it.

Once you understand a prospect’s pain points you can begin to offer your product or service as a solution.

To give you an example of potential pain points using a real life vertical, let’s look at the Broadband Industry. If a lead has been generated with the intent of buying broadband, but has not yet converted, what are the pain points you could identify? Examples may include:

  • Their current internet connection is too slow
  • Their current system is intermittent and cuts out
  • Their current internet provider is unable to provide access around the entire house
  • They have a large family and their current internet is unable to support multiple users

What you need to do is ask questions that allow you to identify these pain points. So, simply put, you may ask what their current internet connection is. Once you have an answer you can begin to market to them based on the solution you have… higher speeds.

How do you get leads to answer questions when Progressive Profiling?

Okay, simply asking is not always going to get a response.

In order to ensure leads answer questions when progressive profiling you need to offer a value exchange.

In simple terms, you offer them something as a “reward” for answering your question. The key is to ensure what are you offering has real value and is related to their pain point or needs in some way.

To continue with the broadband example, simply asking for their current internet speed is unlikely to solicit a response. However, if you were to offer something of value in exchange for this information you may well get a better reaction. Example may include:

  • Access to hidden offers
  • A promise to beat your current broadband speeds or get your money back
  • A signal booster or some other tangible gift

These are just examples, but you need to test until you find a mechanism to get the answers required to enable you to nurture and market on an elevated level. Once you achieve this you will start to tap into the leads that are typically never converted, and once you unlock that you will begin to unlock huge increases in performance.

Want to learn more about Progressive Profiling? Check out the full podcast on Spotify, Apple, or watch the full video over on Databowl’s Youtube Channel.

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