Why You Should Use An API To Transfer Data

Dec 12, 2018


In this blog I will quickly look at why you should be using APIs to transfer your data and the specific benefits of using APIs in relation to lead generation, management and distribution. Specifically, I will look at some problems faced when running B2C Lead Generation Campaigns and how using an API may offer solutions to these problems, allowing you to optimise your performance at different stages of the process and boost efficiency and security in all your campaigns. Many people have already begun using APIs to transfer data, so to ensure you are a step ahead, it is something you really must begin, right now.


Time is money, as the old adage goes. Time spent on managing leads can therefore directly translate into money saved or wasted depending on the solution you currently employ. If you find yourself drowning in spreadsheets whilst manually processing all your leads then a switch to a system that effectively uses APIs to transfer data can instantly save you time and money by streamlining and automating the time consuming processes you may already struggle with. Using an API is a very simple solution to this, and what is more, can also reduce the opportunity cost purely in terms of the time it saves you to pursue other avenues of work. When looking at the benefits of using an API to transfer data, it helps to focus on certain features of the process to highlight specific advantages in relation to your individual campaigns. At Databowl we offer complete marketing automation software that covers all aspects of your lead management. When it comes to processing inbound and outbound leads, the ability to use an API is just one aspect of optimising your entire system. Within this feature you are able to do the following:

  • Feed data into your system using APIs

When managing leads, being able to input leads from single or multiple lead sources will massively reduce manual workload and optimise campaign performance.

  • Reformat or amend your data output.

This allows you to distribute data via any API and cope with any range of requirements, ultimately connecting the front and back end of a sales funnel and maximising the efficiency of the entire process.

  • Create ‘ping tree’ campaigns and simultaneously forward to a variety of endpoints

If you would like to learn more about the many additional features Databowl offers then you can learn more about the rest of the system here:


In the following study we can see a very enlightening illustration of the importance of response times to leads and the need to get leads out as quickly as possible (ideally within 5 minutes to optimise performance). This is especially prevalent in B2C Lead Generation given the huge volumes we are traditionally dealing with. Using an API is a very simple solution to the problem of managing and distributing large volumes of data to achieve maximum results. When you combine this with the initial feed in of data from multiple lead sources, the need for speed is heightened ever further. Using an API not only optimises performance at the front end of your Sales Funnel, but also capitalises upon the the top-of-mind awareness factor by distributing leads as quickly as possible.

lrm_mit_chart_11.png (Source: http://www.leadresponsemanagement.org/lrm_study)


When it comes to managing and transferring data, security should be of the utmost concern. A need for greater security reflects an evolving attitude towards data, not only in terms of GDPR and how we initially generate leads, but in terms of how we treat, manage and value it. Ultimately, this shifting mindset towards the handling of data will inevitably require even more stringent security measures and using APIs as a key part of your solution, in terms of protecting inbound and outbound leads, is a simple and effective way of heightening security within your system.

At Databowl we offer military-grade encrypted transfer methods which ensure your data remains completely secure and confidential in-transit. Furthermore, by automatically ensuring that all exports are highly secure, individuals must go through a 2-factor authentication process in order to access the data. Databowl also stores an audit trail of who has accessed the system to view the data, so you can keep tabs on all export activity. With our secure data management software, all your information is safe!.

In short, using APIs to transfer data is a simple and effective solution to save you time, money and increase the security measures on the most valuable asset you have. If you would like to learn more about how you can start using APIs as part of your process - or any other Databowl Solutions - then fill in your details in the form below, or simply try for free, right now by submitting the “TRY FOR FREE” form in the Navigation Bar.

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