Learn how our customers use the Databowl platform to improve their digital marketing.

Vesta Financial Services

Vesta Financial Services' Matt Horan said…

I’ve used multiple platforms over the years and Databowl beats every other company, hands down. Their software is by far the most powerful and they have absolutely everything we need in one place. Switch to Databowl and you’ll realise how much better your performance can be.

C&C Communications

C&C Communications' Shannon Dunlop said…

We estimate Databowl probably saves us roughly 10 hours per week, and thousands of pounds per month . Before we were using Databowl, we used to receive daily spreadsheets with data on - which meant manually suppressing the data against our in house data files, and then splitting it into relevant files to send out to clients, or loading it into email platforms, or external CRM's. Looking back, it seems absolutely insane. Now we're using Databowl we can send all leads out via API in real time, or via automated daily tasks - The difference is amazing.


Hello Fresh's Valentina Rizzati said…

Seeing huge results from the onset, Databowl is providing us with time-saving automation services and valuable lead validation outcomes, bolstering our business and marketing efforts on a global scale.

Scottish Power

Scottish Power's Ian Fraser said…

Databowl have been one of ScottishPower’s key data suppliers for a number of years now, providing a large volume of high quality leads to support its outbound sales channel. Also, due to the stringent validation and rules they apply to the prospect data we capture our performance has increased and our costs have decreased .


Gowie's Cécile Lennerts said…

Databowl is powerful yet intuitive, it provides the ability to manage clients in one place with transparency that has empowered us to optimize campaigns real time in different currencies.

Backed up with a first class tech team who are responsive, knowledgeable and on standby to offer assistance, Databowl is a must for the sustainable growth of any Digital Marketing Agency.


Adminds' Alfonso Machancoses CEO said…

As an international lead generation company, working with Databowl has allowed Adminds to go global - in record time! Being able to work in any country, with any currency, and set the rules according to the geo, has made our expansion far quicker and far easier .

Mortgage Advice Bureau

Mortgage Advice Bureau's Verona Frankish said…

Being able to communicate with our customers and prospects in a timely and efficient manner is a fundamental aspect of our engagement activity. MAB require advanced software to be able to carry out such complex and stringent marketing re-targeting and lead re-routing tasks - Databowl fits the bill perfectly.


Opulead's Simon Jeffs said…

Takes what is often a complex process of managing and validating lead sources across channels and creates a consistent and clear view of campaign effectiveness and, most importantly, supplier data quality. Databowl shines a spotlight on who can and cannot deliver against campaign requirements which ultimately results in satisfied clients. The functionality and reporting the platform provides is exceptional, and the level of service we get is absolutely outstanding .

Jaak Systems

Jaak Systems' Stuart Baker said…

For the past 18 months of working with Databowl certain facets of our business have been improved / transformed. We handle many sources of leads & data from a number of different suppliers and have complete confidence in the software to run and maintain our day to day processes.

Monetisation of our leads using email and SMS responders is easier now than ever before which Databowl have to be credited for. I would have no problem in recommending Databowl to any of my network and data partners.

Data Rocks

Data Rocks' Ed Hunt said…

We’ve used other lead management platforms on the market but Databowl is by far the best. It’s the easiest to use, has better features and there’s never any software issues. Would highly recommend to anyone who sells or manages leads.

Audience Serv

Audience Serv's Yann Lefevre said…

Databowl provides us with a lead management platform without any equivalent out there. Their dedicated team demonstrate at all time a high level of customer service and support. We could not have asked for a better partner to run and manage our campaigns. I recommend any agencies to use their trial, and see for themselves how they can increase productivity and performances very quickly.

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